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Show simple item record Jaszberenyi, Melinda Katalin Asvanv Laszlo Kokeny Jhanghiz Syahrivar Tamás Gyulavári Tamara Nora Keskey 2022-11-23T03:59:22Z 2022-11-23T03:59:22Z 2019
dc.description Makalah ini dipresentasikan pada 7th CERS 2019. p. 240-250 en_US
dc.description.abstract When we would like to rent a car while traveling abroad and then explore the landscape or get to the sea, we could not look around while we are driving, nor read information on the site on what we are seeing, nor perhaps take a photo and send it to our friends about what we saw on the way. And after the evening party, it would be nice to get home as soon as possible, but it is not possible to sit behind the wheel with alcohol in the body, and taxis are expensive and take a long time to arrive. The system of self-driving cars can offer solutions to these set of problems. Self-driving cars are unlikely to replace public transport, but they can support mobility. Nowadays, more and more Artificial Intelligence Development Centers are designed to deal with traffic-awareness applica-tions: how the pedestrian walks around the sidewalk, how the car going is moving along with us, etc. These new technologies have already been researched in the literature, but there is no evidence for a consumer-oriented approach. The purpose of our research is to identify the service systems in the scientific literature where the appearance of a self-driving car would change or increase the popularity and attendance of the elements, places. It would also increase the attractiveness of a tourist destination if it could be easier to discover effectively even through self-driving cars. This study summarizes relevant articles from high-prestige journals dealing with topics that provide the bases and questions for a prospective empirical research. We have identified different areas within tourism where the presence of self-driving cars can be useful. In the course of the research, we have seen that the appearance of self-driving cars in tourism could be very beneficial, as can be seen in the examples above. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher CERS en_US
dc.subject Self-driving cars en_US
dc.subject Community en_US
dc.subject Tourism en_US
dc.subject Services en_US
dc.subject Development en_US
dc.subject Mobility en_US
dc.type Conference Paper en_US

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