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  • Paramita, Kartika (President University, 2012)
    At PT. X, there are several tests to check the quality of their product. One of the tests is sound testing and applied for electronic product, which produce sound. The test is done for about a thousand times every month ...
  • Adie, Lukas Prakoso (President University, 2012)
    Water demineralization plant holds an important role for the production process in PT. X, Indonesia. It produces pure water (H2O) and the pure water will be used as a basic ingredient for all production processes. However, ...
  • Gunstanto, Edwin (President University, 2012)
    There are some tools that can be used to influence the air temperature to be more comfortable, such as: fan, air conditioner, etc. In the industrial case, fan is preferred to be used as a tool to improve the working comfort ...

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