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dc.description.abstract The issue of international relations who now allegedly threatened the world is about the Disarmament international security, Iran's nuclear program. It is quite threatened many countries in the world, especially Western countries such as Europe and United States as a superpower country. This not only affects one aspect but it affects many aspects of a case, the political, economic and even the world peace. The issue of international relations on Disarmament security as one example is the Iranian nuclear program. This nuclear Program was made from 1950s and up until now still has not been completed. This not only brings harm to many countries but also takes a lot of lives. Iran's nuclear program at the first was originally only for nuclear power plants, but over the time the nuclear Iran enriching uranium in amounts large enough to make a nuclear program for military purposes. This nuclear program is a crime that can destroy the world peace. Because it alleged that those nuclear program will be launched when the State of Iran was in danger or threatened. A lot of news says that nuclear power plants are just a mask for the Iranian nuclear program for military make in the future. Actually, Iran has the right to have nuclear but Iran did the wrong step to use these rights. Iran not open or transparent to the IAEA, but IAEA's job is inspectors and controllers Countries that have nuclear. That was IAEA do in order to prevent the States to not making a nuclear program that can endanger world peace. Iran has signed the NPT, the treaty provides for the right of a State to have a peaceful nuclear. But it seems Iran is breaking promises and that's because Western countries feel threatened by a nuclear Iran, then the West agreed to provide sanctions against Iran that Iran would halt its nuclear program. And the sanctions looked severely affected the economic and political conditions in the Iran's country but it cannot make Iran stop to develop its nuclear program. Iran challenged back the western countries because Iran was having the same rights as the other countries to have nuclear weapons. In European sanctions against Iran's nuclear program that Europe given, it is clear that there is coercion and threats. But the Europeans provide the sanctions to Iran because they want Iran to halt its nuclear program. Sanctions imposed on Iran as a form of peace to be maintained by the western countries. The method that used by the western countries can be called as a coercive diplomacy. This diplomacy was aimed at peace but by hitting or threatening opponent. Can be seen clearly that they really want to maintain peace but because of the misunderstanding that exists in harmony between these countries. So, by examining existing concepts it is obvious what a good settlement in dealing with this conflict. en_US
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dc.publisher President University en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries International Relation;016200900023
dc.subject Internasional Disarmament Security en_US
dc.subject Nuclear Program en_US
dc.subject Coercive Diplomacy en_US
dc.subject Persuasive Diplomacy en_US
dc.subject Peace en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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