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dc.description.abstract As human being, people need place to live and fulfill their needs. In this study, researcher focused to the Jabodetabek areas which were the most crowded areas in Indonesia. So many people were worked or seeking work, this fact brought problems in term of where people could live or stay. The problem leaded researcher to look at Kota Jababeka, one of the main industrial cities in Jabodetabek. In this case, researcher saw that Kota Jababeka had provided residential for the professionals and workers who worked there. Researcher focused to one of the residential, Tropikana Residence. This residential had been built for high-class economic people or professionals to experience private and comfortable life. The main study purposed was to understand the reasons why people bought houses and live at Tropikana Residence. Researcher also wanted to prove if residents bought houses there because of the facilities that the city and residence provided or it was caused of the developer promotion of efficiency of time. So to accomplish the purpose of the study, researcher prepared research questions; 1. Was house considered as primary needs? 2. What were the reasons why people bought houses at Tropikana Residence? 3. What are the residents’ post-purchase behavior opinions toward their houses at Tropikana Residence? In this study, researcher used qualitative research methodology and mixed method as the research design. The study used natural and human-mechanical observation, unstructured non-disguised questionnaires, and semi-structured interview as the research data collection techniques as the research instrument. In the study, researcher conducted snowball sampling method and interviewed 14 (fourteen) residents as the main research respondents. Researcher also interviewed (one) Jababeka residential marketer to gather some data related to the plan of city and residential development, especially Tropikana Residence and the surrounding areas. The findings of this study show that the respondents thought that house was considered to be primary needs in people’s life. They bought houses at Tropikana Residents, because it located near their work place and public facilities. The Tropikana Residence was also provided safety and comfortable life experience. Beside that respondents predicted a good prospect of the residential and the surrounding area, because Kota Jababeka still had spaces to develop the city into more integrated and modern green city. The respondents were moderately satisfied to their house and life at Tropikana Residence now, but they are worried about the future development of their house at Tropikana and Kota Jababeka. The causes were that facts showed the inconsistency of the developer when developed the city didn’t follow the site plan that already promised to the respondents. iv At the last of this study, researcher wanted to give recommendations especially to the residential developer. First, the developer should follow its own site plan of the city development, because future development of the city was something that people concerned when they bought house. Second, developer should consistent to their own claim that Kota Jababeka was a green city, because right now there were less of greening environments within the city, especially Kota Jababeka also an industrial city. en_US
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dc.subject Hierarchy of Needs en_US
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