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  • Sitohang, Arwinanto; Ignatius Visnu; Indra Eka Prayoga; Erwin Sitompul; Hendra J. Tarigan (President University, 2018)
    Vision impairment has been common phenomena in this day and age. Many people suffer from this impairment with only a few technological supports to help them in daily life. This project created prototype to help people with ...
  • Yanti, Antonia Karima; Erwin Sitompul (President University, 2018)
    Machine cost is one of the components of production cost. Accurate record of machine usage time is thus crucial to obtain accurate production cost calculation. Besides, machine usage time can be used as parameter to assess ...
  • Faisal, Mohammad Adrian; Erwin Sitompul (President University, 2019)
    A door, as a barrier to limit an access between two spaces, requires a security measure to ensure that only privileged people may pass. In this paper, a door security system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and ...
  • Tawakal, Dea Rizki Febrianti; Erwin Sitompul (President University, 2016)
    Nowadays safety becomes an increasing important factor in developing cars. Measures come in the form of physical strengthening and diagnostics improvement of the car. One way to improve the safety of a car is by implementing ...
  • Mutaqin, Ade; Erwin Sitompul (President University, 2019)
    LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) has become the fuel for cooking for most households in Indonesia. The use of LPG for cooking requires high level of caution, due to the danger that may arise from gas leakage. If the molecules ...

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