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dc.description.abstract Radiance Cafe and Games is a cafe which use board game as its main value with comfortable and cozy place which also supported with excellent service and togetherness atmosphere for all of the customers. Radiance provides many kind of old school and updated modern board games which has high quality. Radiance also provided fresh food and beverages as the complement to accompany the customer while playing board games. Radiance itself will be located in the most strategic place in Depok which is Margonda Raya street. Margonda street is the main business and entertainment district in Depok which almost never get quite every day and night, it is like Kemang in Jakarta. Radiance use board game as its main value, which mean Radiance will concern about the customer satisfaction when they play those board games. Therefore, Radiance will provide large tables to make the customer easier when play the board game while having meals. Radiance also provides the Game Master for helping new customer who would like to play a board game which is not familiar with yet, Game Master will give the tutorial about the rules and regulation of that board game for free. Radiance target market itself are youngster and family near Margonda Raya street, especiall high school students and university students from Gunadarma University, University of Indonesia, and also Pancasila University. Radiance will aggresively use social media as the media to do the marketing activity since it is the most often media that used by the youngster and also the introvert people. Radiance will make interesting and attractive video teaser about the board gaming experience. Radiance will also give interesting promotion on opening period to attract the curious customer even more. Radiance Cafe and Games would like to get as many customer as it could from any economic levels of customer. Therefore, Radiance will put affordable price for all of product and services. Customer only need to pay IDR 20,000 per board game per person with unlimited time in one visit, which mean they could play it as long as they want and if they would like change they game they just only have to pay another IDR 20,000 to play the new board game still with unlimited time. For the food and beverages itself, Radiance will take average price around IDR 10,000 for foods and IDR 8,000 for the beverages. Radiance need around IDR 350,000,000 as the capital to open the business. Radiance predicts that Radiance will get IDR Rp1,325,455,000 as the total sales on first year with IDR 793,148,222 for the expense. The sales itself will be increase by 20% on second year and 30% on the third year from the second one but the expense only increase around 10% every year. Radiance also predict about the ROA which is keep increasing from 38.09% to 55.16% in three years and also for ROS which increase from 32.48% to 42.53% in three years. BEP process is quite fast, Radiance will get zero profit around 6.8 months only by collecting 1,257 people or 37 people a day as the customer. en_US
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dc.publisher President University en_US
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dc.type Thesis en_US

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