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  • Pannita, Aprillia Kusumawardhani (2018)
    The lifestyle of the current year’s people is very different with the lifestyle of the people eight years ago. Start from the booming of Facebook as social media. It changes the ways of communicating. Those can be said ...
  • Sulaesih, Teti (President University, 2018)
    Cashless transaction method is now quite popular in Indonesia. The cashless system can be defined as a system where all transactions no longer use cash, but through electronic media such as debit cards and virtual wallets. ...
  • Rimo, Kristoforus Kurniawan Samon (President University, 2018)
    Chess has been played for a long time. The first time its computer program was developed, there were still so many flaws and it kept progressing to the point of today’s chess program. In this thesis, Minimax and Alpha-Beta ...
  • EUGENE, ALVIAN (President University, 2018)
    Android applications were made to help people simplify processes of something. The content of my thesis is about how an Android application I make, Eazy Laundry can help people simplify the ordering process for laundry. ...

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