Recent Submissions

  • Nugraha, Edwin Setiawan; Nuning Nuraini (Pushpa Publishing House, 2017)
    We present a simple model for vaccination and prevention of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in the form of system of differential equations. In this model, the population is divided into three compartments: susceptible, ...
  • Nugraha, Edwin Setiawan; Janson Naiborhu; Nuning Nuraini; Ahmadin (AIP Publishing, 2017)
    After 70 years since the zika was identified in Uganda, zika is now documented in 62 countries. In general, people infected with this disease do not experience severe conditions, but for pregnant women can cause serious ...
  • Nugraha, Edwin Setiawan; Janson Naiborhu; Nuning Nuraini (AIP Publishing, 2017)
    Here, we analyze the Host-Vector Model and proposed design of vaccination and fumigation to control infectious population by using feedback control especially input-output liniearization method. Host population is divided ...

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