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dc.description.abstract Ipairs is a furniture business that comes with the idea of furniture which components or pairs can be exchanged or replaced. Ipairs is headquartered in Jakarta. The new idea of modifying and selling furniture is what makes Ipairs different, because people can simply visit the website to customize their own design of the furniture, purchase it and then Ipairs will manufacture it and deliver it to customers. The customable designs are included the size, shape, color and the material of the furniture. Another added value that makes Ipairs different is that the components of the furniture can be exchanged. If one the leg of the sofa is broken, there is no need to purchase a new sofa; the customer can just simply exchange the broken sofa leg with the new one. The price of the new leg depends on how bad the damage of the broken one is. Certainly, Ipairs products are built to be assembled easily by the customers. Ipairs target newly married couples, new house owners and new renovated houses because Ipairs considers those customers to be the ones who wanted to redecorate and/or redesign their living space with new furniture. Ipairs cooperates with a vendor who will manufacture all the orders of Ipairs’ products. Ipairs’ funding is provided by the owner and the sister of the owner because Ipairs is considered as a family business. For the profit, in the first year Ipairs generates profit of IDR 254,723,436, in the second year Ipairs generates profit of IDR 350,807,996 and in the third year Ipairs gains profit of IDR 415,358,948. x Based on Ipairs’ income, Ipairs’ return on investment is 46.12%, this indicates that Ipairs has good business prospects with the return on assets is 31.89% In the future, Ipairs plans to expand the business by developing an application to ease the customers in ordering any of Ipairs’ products, expand the market by opening a new shipping line with the destination outside Jabodetabek, and Ipairs will acquire the vendor to accelerate product manufacturing time. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher President University en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries Business Administration;015201400009
dc.type Thesis en_US

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