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dc.description.abstract Indonesian food has various kind of vegetarian cuisine according to them whose avoid meals because of ethical reason or even healthy life style especially with raw material of tofu and tempe which become main course between a lot of local food and superb veggie-centric delights like peanut sauce smothered gado-gado and meaty gudeg, which made from unripe jackfruit and coconut milk, and considered as most iconic dishes in Indonesia country. But vegetarianism lifestyle choice is still something rare in Indonesia and ranked as a 16 position in Global Vegetarian Index that was released by Oliver’s Travelers. (Coconuts Jakarta, October 24, 2017). Nowadays, the more people are concerned about a healthy lifestyle, however finding out restaurant which provides non meals product is not an easy thing while travelling in Indonesia. (Agmasari, 2017). Chairman of Association of Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs of Indonesia, Adhi Lukman admitted optimistic that food and beverage industry will grow significantly in 2017. This is based on the increasing trend of investment in the food industry sector. "In 2017, we believe it could be higher, at least 8.5% .Obethe amount is above Rp1.400 trillion," he said. (Endarwati, 2017). Director General of Agro Industry at the Ministry of Industry, Panggah Susanto, at the Gathering CEO of the Association of Indonesian Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs said that Industry food and beverage occupied the strategic position in supply fast food with safe, nutritious, and high quality. (Kementrian Perindustrian Republik Indonesia, 2016). Hence, by seen those statements above Nowgget Nugget want to open business in food industry and come with the solution by provide people healthy fast food products which concerning in side dish especially frozen food. This product is Nugget which made by ingredients of vegetables. en_US
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